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Pure by Sirmon Farms was created with one goal in mind: to create products that speak for themselves. With over 100 years of growing experience, the Sirmon Farms family knew they could deliver the highest quality flower out there for patients. And while we’re proud to have top-of-the-line products to offer patients. We knew designing the brand is designing the complete package. It is color, imagery, iconography, and typography, but also personality, attitude, and style. At Pure, we wanted to make sure our identity was known from the moment you saw our logo and unique design. When building Pure’s brand identity, our vision was to create a simple yet sophisticated look with a medical feel, neutral tones accompanied by bold messaging.

Our mission and goal is to provide the purest high-quality cannabis products to help improve people’s lives, mentally and physically.

  • Create a dynamic, compliant cannabis operation capable of producing high quality cannabis products at affordable prices for the people of Alabama.
  • Continue a lifelong mission to rejuvenate the community of the Baldwin County area—beginning with the operations at the Daphne facility and then creation of a state of-the-art cultivation facility on vacant land in Loxley, Alabama.
  • Utilize experienced team members to create an operation that places a high priority on safety and security, and is capable of serving the demand of the state of
  • Stimulate the local economy by virtue of job creation, tax revenue, utility consumption and other community impact and reinvestment initiatives that will add to the economic multiplier effect.
  • Utilize emerging technologies and sustainable environmental practices while tapping into a skilled work force to operate a modern, state-of-the-art cultivation facility that leverages the areas proud history of an agricultural hub while pulling the community and its workforce into the next
  • Utilize plant science researchers to develop unique cannabinoids and innovative new products—including those specifically designed to aid with cancer treatment, pain management, epilepsy and other
  • Hire employees from the local area, source locally wherever possible, use local laborers for construction and build out of the facility, and take every opportunity to reinvest in the local community.

Baldwin County’s Agriculture History

In order to achieve our Mission, our Company’s founding members joined forces with an extremely talented group of cannabis business operators (the “Cannabis Team”) who have deep experience in the cannabis industry that dates back to the advent of legal cannabis markets.  Our Cannabis Expert Team, is a minority owned business, made up of cannabis pioneers that have dedicated much of their professional careers to community development in the communities they live and work in.

Together, they will build and operate a state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facility, that will provide pure and affordable cannabis for the patients of Alabama.

Baldwin County is known as an agricultural hub for as long as anyone can remember. Baldwin County’s history is rooted in agriculture. Settlers moved from all over the United States and from other countries to farm the rich soil, and generations later, their descendants are still raising families here. Today, there are several generational farmers in the Baldwin County community, with hundred of acres of farmland and farmers markets overflowing with fresh produce from growers who sell on large and small scales. With farming being deeply rooted in the history of Baldwin County, Pure by Sirmon Farms is excited to utilize the local farming workforce and bring pure cannabis to the patients of Alabama that need it most.

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James Sirmon


James is the owner of Sirmon Farms with his brother Joel Sirmon. Sirmon Farms is a legacy family farm of five generations, having began in the early 1900s. It has...

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Joseph Lekach


Joseph Lekach is the President of Apothca, Inc., a vertically integrated cannabis company in Massachusetts, that operates 32,500 sf. of hybrid greenhouse grow, as well as 40,000 light deprivation outdoor...

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Zachary Davis


Zachary Davis, Esq., is a Florida licensed attorney that has worked in the Medical Marijuana industry for nearly a decade. Zach and his team applied for and were granted a Florida...

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Joe Nicholson


Joseph Nicholson is a seasoned security consultant. He served as Director of Compliance and Investigations for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. In this role, he oversaw and managed all...

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Mark Young


Andrew Mark Young, an immigrant from Jamaica, currently serves as CFO of a large vertically integrated cannabis company. He has devoted his career to finance operations for large scale companies...

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Craig Dyas

Head of Real Estate

Mr. Craig F. Dyas, originally from the Baldwin County area is a forty-year veteran of the commercial real estate profession. For 25 years, he has been the qualifying broker and...

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Joel Sirmon


Joel is the owner of Sirmon Farms, with his brother James. Sirmon Farms is a legacy family farm of five generations, having began in the early 1900s. It has evolved...

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Paula Savchenko


Paula Savchenko, Esq., is the Founding Partner of Cannacore Group and PS Law Group. She is an attorney and consultant working primarily in the cannabis industry on a multi-state level. More specifically,...

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