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Joseph Lekach is the President of Apothca, Inc., a vertically integrated cannabis company in Massachusetts, that operates 32,500 sf. of hybrid greenhouse grow, as well as 40,000 light deprivation outdoor grow, a product manufacturing operation, and three (3) retail facilities. In addition, Apothca, Inc. operates a retail facility in Eugene, Oregon. Apothca, Inc. is one of the largest in sales revenue in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, even though Massachusetts is one of the most difficult states to operate in from a regulatory compliance perspective. Apothca, Inc. being so successful in Massachusetts is an attestation to the level of skill Joseph brings to the table. In addition, Apothca, Inc. has developed unique strains and a brand of infused products that has a cult-like following in Massachusetts. Joseph is excited for the opportunity to exclusively bring these strains and brands to the Alabama market, if regulations permit. Joseph, a minority himself, has been instrumental in creating community partnerships with minority and veteran groups in the communities Apothca, Inc. enters into. Apothca, Inc. partners with charitable organizations such as:  legal clinics; food pantries; homeless support organizations and more. Joseph plans to bring the same passion for cultivating high quality cannabis and community development into the Alabama market.

It is clear Joseph has played an important role in the operations and expansion of the Company he currently serves as President for. Joseph’s expertise to be able to achieve success in this industry has been developed over the past decade, in the areas of cannabis compliance, operations and strategic scaling/expansion of business initiatives. He personally selected each employee for the Massachusetts company and scaled Apothca, Inc. to be one of the top operators in the Massachusetts market. He has negotiated several development agreements with cities on behalf of Apothca, Inc. and works with the operations team to ensure that all commitments made to the state and cities at time of the issuance of the license are fulfilled. Also, Joseph oversees the compliance team to ensure that all SOPs, as well as city and state regulations are being strictly followed. As COO, Joseph will handle the daily business operations of the company, working closely with department heads to support the success of the Company. Joseph has and will continue to oversee that the facility and operations are setup for success and compliance.

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